Overline multichain blockchain network that empowers users to securely and wirelessly exchange value and information


There’s a new metaverse in place, one that serves as a base for even the most sheepish of crypto noobs, but that does not mean that old heads should not get involved in it too.


The Overline multichain network has been in progress being built for some years since before 2018 and now the global utilities are available for all users, there are many layers to the network that uses custom hardware to make any blockchain accessible without the internet, cross-chain networks available are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, NEO and LISK.

You can see an overview of the Overline token at https://docs.overline.network/docs/nrg-emb-and-l-emb-tokenomics-of-block-collider

There is the ERC721 #OL token utilised in the metaverse and there is also the ERC20 #EMB token, the first known decentralized synthetic mining power derivative asset which provides Overline’s miners with higher rewards.

Leases are purchased to provide a higher mining rate on the Overline App

Trading platforms are available for Leased EMB. 

Emblems can be used by block miners, ōRouters, and ōLand owners to get more out of their existing assets by synthetically boosting the mining rewards they receive.

Emblems can be leased, an overview is at https://docs.overline.network/docs/emblem-leasing 

$EMB can be traded on the Interchange, a guide is available at https://docs.overline.network/docs/how-to-buy-emblems

Overline App

Not only is a virtual space included that you can build upon in the form of ōLand that contains plots, these are not only a fun place to be interacting with but these plots also have earnings potential and this can be seen from the energy ratings that display on the separate ōLand App display. Treats can be purchased with ōCash in-app. Logging into the app every day gives you 1 ōCash per day.

ōland plots displayed in the Overline App portal
ōland plots displayed in the Overline App portal

There are ways to get earnings by building upon them, you can even get new plots by using your Overline network sign-up referral link like https://overline.network?a=FXgPiFTJS12L –  every time a user signs up you get more land and 20% earnings of what they put into the app for the future which is a great deal and costs nothing as the user gets land when they sign up too.

Overline land upgrades are revealed after a set time of them being built
Overline land upgrades are revealed after a set time of them being built

If you wish to put some assets into the Overline network it is possible by using an exchange to procure the tokens, purchase a hardware ōRouter when they are made available (to mine the tokens and boost metaverse engagement) Wireless access to blockchains with other features make this a nice addition to your IoT passive mining hardware 🙂

Any cash spent will be airdropped 1-to-1 on the new smart chain network.

I am prospective mining on the $OL testnet with just a couple of low-powered GPUs, you can take part too, a guide is available at https://overlinenetwork.notion.site/overlinenetwork/Cash-Chocolate-Chicken-Testnet-4365b087d2754e4b96c95879abeb9713

As well as solo mining, it is possible to utilise a mining pool for some testnet Ocash, the Testnet Overline network should be added to Metamask or a similar Ethereum-compatible plugin or app to gain an address to mine to using AMD or Nvidia GPUs and some mining software (Eth miner or Claymores miner)

command line mining of TESTNET ōcash
command line mining of TESTNET ōcash

It has been rumoured that the $OL testnet Overline cash will be exchanged to the main net in time but it is very open-ended and thus risky to take part in, but if you don’t try you never will know…

…So, I am taking part in ōCash testnet mining 🙂

mined TESTNET ōcash displaying in metamask
mined TESTNET ōcash displaying in metamask

There really is a great deal going on with the overline network, not only with its multichain network that allows even those without internet to access compatible blockchains but there is a hardware mining element as well as the metaverse with tokens and possible potential income if you are a landowner with added tokenomics and mining boosts too.

I feel good about this one and you should take a look on https://overline.network?a=FXgPiFTJS12L to register then check the extensive documentation (ok there are a few holes in it) but these are early days and they will be filled and corrected. There are the usual social channels including Discord and Twitter where you can keep up to date with announcements, news and progress including the upcoming millions land auctions!

Go check it all out now and if you enjoyed this, throw me a tip at ETH: 0x26587047711FB7b5afd9C51835ec1dcE0Bb910d6

Thanks for reading 🙂