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So what is this website and cryptocurrency; blockchain digital assets all about?

This site has been created to make simplistic inroads into cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and the majors as well as the Altcoins, there are over 8000 of these blockchains in existence and counting daily, some awesome, some not so awesome but either way from perusing this site you should glean a greater knowledge of the entire Cryptosphere whether you are new to the scene or an old-head, Bitcoin or Shitcoin – everyone is welcome here.

Guides as well as news and reviews of mining hardware as well as walkthroughs for setting up mining itself using all sorts of hardware, in laymen’s terms as we all must learn somewhere and you do not need super expensive hardware to take part to mint and compound coins and tokens.

I hope you all find this information useful – post questions and comment, do the shares, links and so on 😀