Friday, April 19, 2024
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Command Console

Tucked away in your desktop wallet is the Command console, sometimes called the Debug Window and at times other more colourful words, whatever the namesake of this utility, this space in the wallet is very important and...

Secure your cryptocurrency assets, back up your wallets private keys

It does not matter whatever the amount of cryptocurrency holdings you have stowed away in your desktop or mobile wallet, it could be 1 $EZC or 1000 $DASH, no matter the coin weight held, it could all...


Just like our planet is connected by the internet, blockchains operate over it, connecting servers and wallets to verify transactions, governance, and voting as well as keeping the network secure One of the biggest...

Cryptocurrency terminology

As with any technology, cryptocurrency is absolutely jam-packed full of complicated terms including clever acronyms and sometimes secret slang terminology, find below a list of these common and not-so-common terms with references that will be periodically updated to help...